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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Amazing Journey - Down Under and Kiwis

Hi folks, I would like to share my amazing ( i wish i could add more A's to the word ;) ) trip to Australia and New Zealand. Returned just a week ago, and it was fun-filled and a once in a lifetime journey down under. And yes, it wasn't just about the kangaroos and kiwis, it was about koalas , beautiful and exotic locations, cool weather and yes quality time with my parents.

Having been to Europe last year, i compared Aus-NZ with Switzerland and kept thinking that it would be having something share to bestow on me. But with this low hope, when I landed there, I was spell bound by the places, the people I met there and the history of these two places.

Rich in culture and diversity, the Aussies and Kiwis loved Indian food !! This came as a surprise to us and we were quite mesmerized by the hospitality and care we got from them. Our journey from the lovely beaches, beautiful landscapes in Australia to the snow covered peaks, calm city and widespread farms in New Zealand, not to forget my first ever rendezvous with kangaroos and kiwis were just breath taking.

Accompanied by my parents, I wish this lovely journey to one of the beautiful yet advanced places on Earth, would never have ended within a couple of week. Having said this, there are still lots and lots of memories to cherish and lots to share, but in the upcoming posts.

 Just like they say,  
                               A journey ends, and another begins !!

This is written for the Jodey Dilon Ko IndiMeet by Zindagi TV ( in association with

Sunday, 11 May 2014

A friend indeed

When the blood would tear its way out of my eyes
and the pain within me subsides.... 
    That day my fren you would realize it and be glad,
    the warmth of the bloody ol fren u had

The dust we both once had a bite of....
still speaks of the adventures and our lay offs
    The wound still speaks of the fall we had
    You're there, up there safe and its my duty to ward


 The shoulder is now no more, 
Armour tethered once, now a mere symbol of gore
    The fist we pumped together once, is now for each other
    This dismal weather, gotta end forever

The friend who stood besides for a fren indeed 
Was the only saviour after God, beneath..... 
    Those die hard moments and memories to cherish
    Never should they die....never perish ....

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Travelling in Summers

Phewwww ! Summer is back in India and its getting more and more humid. So what are you guys planning ?

Would it be a hill station or sea beach? A cold coffee cup or a lemon tea....Its time to chill.

While my friends are planning for an outing, i just couldn't resist thoughts of sea beach, with a sip of juice shades and relaxing and turning the pages of a novel with the lovely sound of sea waves

Sounds so mesmerising, just like a perfect holiday plan !!! Yeah, i wouldn't leave my bike alone. Biking early mornings is a treat for every biker and yeah scorching sun is at tyms nice too ;-)

Have a good summer time friends and enjoy beating the heat. Keep Exploring ! 

Monday, 24 February 2014

Lovely travel postcard


Hello friends how are you guys doing ?  Well I admit its been days since I last wrote an article here coz m not traveling :-/  Yeah it sucks.

I was just browsing through some nice travel cards and  I got this. Thought of sharing it with you all....  Remain clung with us guys ! Keep Exploring :)

Monday, 16 December 2013

Mumbai - The City Never Sleeps

How many of us have made plans, which were never planned of. Don't get confused, let me start off with one of such numerous occasions which happened this weekend.

This Sunday i.e. on 15th night I was awake late night till early morning 4am when I and my roomie thought about having a walk to nearby Borivali station to have a cup of tea.

We started from my rented flat in Mumbai walking in the cool, chilly and deserted road. Reaching station, our almost chapped lips found some relief with the cup of hot tea. " Been 4yrs in Mumbai and I havent yet visited Marine drive early morning", I said. This thought came randomly and I asked my roomie Venkat if we could go to Marine drive. And Venkat said " lets go". We boarded a 4:30am train to Church-gate. And on the way we kept laughing about the last minute plan to take a walk at marine drive. We reached Churchgate station in an hour and filled up our tummy with nice omelet pao.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Euro Trip Day 3 : Florence & Venice Island

It was 8th May, and our usual daily schedule of early morning wake up, breakfast and leaving for a superb destination.

 This time it was Venice. Its called the most romantic place on Earth. All it made me visualize it till today was islands , romance and gondolla rides. Makes some romantic song jingle in your mind hmmm ??  Well it was beyond expectation and me being single, I guess I couldn't make it a 100% enjoyable :D  Just kidding...

On the way to Venice we did got to see beautiful view of Florence which was amazing. Though we had to manage with the distant view, that enough was a treat to watch.